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September 2010
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Nechtan Alba [userpic]
BPAL.Org and the Use of "BPALtruism"

FYI, you'll find a header for "BPALtruism" under "Swaps" in the BPAL.org Forum.

I've requested they change the name--they only appear to have been using it since August 2010, but it's all about swaps, swaplifts, and then fairy-gifts to those who have been swaplifted, which is a very DIFFERENT idea than the one behind the BPALtruism Care Package Project. I have nothing to do with this.

I want to maintain the reputation we have gained here by spreading lovingkindness to others, and I want to keep BPALtruism as pristine and glorious as that reputation has given it. We gave out almost 300 packages to lots of needy gals, and I'm proud we did that.

I am not so proud the fruit of our efforts has been used elsewhere. Someone asked if they could 'do' the project a couple of months ago and I told her NOT by using BPALtruism or 'Care Package', but otherwise she was free to go out and do her own sort of good works with BPAL if that was what she wanted, and I lauded her for wanting to do good. I never saw another peep over that, but I've found this on BPAL.org, which may or may not be related.

At any rate, I've contacted two of the Forum Mods and Kebechet, so hopefully they'll come up with a name of their own creation instead of taking the one I coined.