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bpalcentral [userpic]
BPALtruism Care Package Project, 2008


BPALtruism Care Package Project continues!! 

Boxes have continued to go out over the past few months, but we're trying to wind the whole project down.  My goal is to get the final boxes out by May 12, 2008 when the postage rates go up AGAIN.

We are NOT taking any more fragrance or toiletry donations, because we've got a full lot already.  The final boxes are all packed up, ready to go--and are awaiting nominations of people to receive them.

If you'd like to donate money toward postage and delivery confirmations, please email me at bpalcentral@yahoo.com for a Paypal address, or you can alternately purchase and mail in "Airforce One" Priority Mail stamps for use on the boxes.  The boxes do run much higher than just one Priority Mail stamp, but every little bit is appreciated.

Right now, a 'regular' Care Package runs from $6.00 to $8.00 to ship in the continental U.S., depending on contents.  I have several boxes packed for international shipping that will run much higher.  When donations are NOT received for postage costs, it comes out of my personal pocket and therefore only gets shipped when I can personally afford to do it.  I covered all the shipping costs in 2006 and most of 2007 and it turned out to be a huge amount cumulatively.  I cannot do it any longer.

We'd like to get these all mailed out before the 12 May 2008 postage rate increases hit and summer comes rolling in."

This is how you get someone on the list:  

You need to be a member of one of the BPAL LJ CommunitiesSo does the person you nominate to receive a Care Package.  You should email this information about your friend:

Her LJ Name

Her Name and Snailmail Address

Her Email Address

Send that information to bpalcentral@yahoo.com   I'll put them on the list and send out the boxes.

We go on the honour system and presume if you nominate someone to the list, they need cheering up.  We expect everyone to be adult enough not to abuse this system.  The person should be involved in the various BPAL communities, please; we're all friends within BPALAnon.

I also need to point out this is not a Free Present Giveaway.  I've been contacted by non-members (and how HARD is it to be a member of one of the BPAL comms?) and even people wanting to give gifts to their friends who didn't want to actually have to buy  anything and saw this as a way to achieve that.  The intent was and always has been that these Care Packages go to OTHER BPAL community members we all know (more or less) who have been going through a rough time and could use the cheering up.  Please respect why all of us have gathered these gifts to give to others.

New Policy:  We ask you only nominate one person at a time, to give others a chance to nominate someone.  We also ask that if you make nominations that you should consider donating toward postage for the Care Package Program.  It's not fair to everyone else if you're making more than your share of the nominations and you're not giving anything to support the Care Package Program.

I will email the person who nominated someone about to receive a BPALtruism Care Package and let them know the person they nominated is about to get our gifts.

Please, limit yourself to one nomination at a time.  Our membership is large and we want to be both caring and fair to everyone.

IF YOU RECEIVE A PACKAGE, we are now asking that you must go on BPALAnonymous and/or BPALThankYou and let everyone know you received one.  However, we ask you NOT give a detailled listing of what you received.  Everyone's packages are essentially equivallent in value, but not everyone gets all the same things.  BPALtruism Care Packages  are reliant on donations and therefore what we have to send changes all the time, and we wouldn't want anyone to feel they should have gotten precisely what someone else received.

Please make a point to thank the community or at least mention you got your package--when we don't hear anything back from you, it appears the package never made it to you..

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONShttp://bpalcentral.livejournal.com/857.html

I am honoured to serve as your BPALCentral.


Nechtan :)

Please email me at bpalcentral@yahoo.com for a snailmail address!

[You'll normally find me as